Contacting Your Spirit Guide – Revised Edition
by Sylvia Browne
2005, Hay House USA Publishers, 179 pages

This revised edition of Contacting Your Spirit Guide includes a new section called “A Day in the Life of a Spirit Guide” from Sylvia's spirit guide Francine. It also comes with a free “Spirit Meditation Guide” CD. The book is divided into two parts. In the first part, Sylvia not only defines what spirit guides are, she helps you find your own spirit guide as well. She defines spirit guides as “the entities who are designated by you and God to assist you with life and give you guidance.” They train on the Other Side to know you and know who you are. They go over your Chart with you on the Other Side and go to the Council for you when you run into problems in your life and need your chart modified. Sylvia teaches how to tune in to them, recognize who they are and what messages they may have for you.

In part two, Sylvia tells us about her spirit guides Francine and Raheim. She talks about her first meetings with them and gives examples of how they have helped her. Sylvia tells us what spirit guides can and can't do and what they are and are not. Through Sylvia while she is in a deep trance like meditative state, her spirit guide Francine writes her own section of the book and gives details about what it is like to be a spirit guide.

On the first part of the CD, Sylvia talks about spirit guides to a live audience. She answers questions from audience members. She says that spirit guides can direct you and make noises, but it is rare to actually hear them with your ears or with words. They communicate to you through a mental telepathy of sorts. It is very rare for them to materialize.

On the second part of the CD, Sylvia takes you through a 19 minute guided meditation. I have to admit that this was the most refreshing meditative experience I have ever had and look forward to meditation with Sylvia in the future.

Sylvia's book and CD have made a believer out of this reader. I now have a much better understanding of the term “spirit guide” and can hardly wait to find out more about my own spirit guide(s) as I am now quite sure that I have them and have actually been listening to them all along.

Rating: 5***** of 5***** by Catherine - 7/15/09