Interdimensional Universe: The new Science of UFOs, Paranormal Phenomena & Otherdimensional Beings
by Philip Imbrogno
2008, Llewellyn Publications, 290 pages

As the time had come to up my knowledge on UFO sightings and theories, a subject on which I had yet not studied in depth, I headed off to the local bookstore to find an informative read on the subject. Interdimensional Universe proved to be exactly the book to provide that information. Author Philip Imbrogno is one of the foremost authorities on the subject himself, having worked and researched with top investigators such as Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Budd Hopkins.

Writer Imbrogno guides us from his own early interest in “flying saucers” to the newest possibility that UFOs/Otherdimensional Beings are perhaps from another dimension or parallel reality based on the latest quantum theories. He begins with the history of UFOs, allowing us a better understanding of the entire big picture. Important new information is included about some of the most well-known documented UFO cases, such as the Hudson Valley and Phoenix Lights sightings. Never-before-published-photographs are included.

By sharing both his own theories alongside those of others, Imbrogno has given us a primer of sorts to guide us through the evolution of UFO research. He documents fascinating cases of government cover-ups and hidden connections between UFOs and other paranormal phenomena including crop circles, angels, jinn, and my personal favorite, theories on vortexes and portals.

This groundbreaking book paces like a great mystery or whodunit fiction read....except it's not fiction. Read the book to discover for yourself some fascinating new theories and insights from a true expert in the field.

Rating  5***** of 5***** WHOO-HOOs! / The CatHerder  7/11/2009