Phenomenon – Everything You Need to Know About the Paranormal
Sylvia Browne, Author with Lindsay Harrison
2006, New American Library Publishers, 347 pages

The book Phenomenon – Everything You Need to Know About the Paranormal is a dictionary of sorts. However, instead of short abbreviated answers like you find in most dictionaries, author Sylvia Browne goes into detail defining words most commonly used in the paranormal world. Not only does she give you explanations about paranormal terminology, she shares many of the experiences that have led her to be one of the world's most renowned psychics.

From Affirmations and Akashic Records to Reincarnation to Zombies, Sylvia gives in depth descriptions in the manner only she can, many times along with her opinions. If you know Sylvia, this should be no surprise!!. In this book, she seeks to “remove the mystery, lift the veil and shine a light” on things that many have spent much of their lives being terrified of.

As “paranormal” and “psychic” phenomena become much more accepted and openly discussed, Sylvia explains that many of these things are actually quite ordinary and normal. Much of the terminology defined in the book has actually gone from being rarely heard or spoke of to being part of the mainstream vocabulary over the years. Sylvia tells us that the paranormal world and spirituality actually go hand in hand. She also believes they can definitely enhance even the most devout religious beliefs.

The main difference between this “dictionary” and others is the fact that it reads like a book. It is not something you can just sit on a shelf, only picking it up when you want to look up a word. When you start at the beginning, you definitely want to read all the way through to the “Z” section. The more I read, the more I wanted to read.

And then, just when you think you are finished, Sylvia gives you the first ten pages of her next book “Insight” - just enough to whet your appetite. I go to the used book section at Amazon!

I will not go to another “paranormal” meeting without this very informative book and highly recommend it for anyone in the paranormal field or for anyone else who is curious or has questions that need answers.

Rating: 4**** of 5***** by Catherine - 7/27/09