Shadows of the Dark
by John Zaffis and Brian McIntyre
2004, iUniverse, Inc., 221 pages

Can a person really be possessed by an evil entity?  Is there true evil in the world?  Is the instance of demonic possession on the rise?  Get real answers here in Shadows of the Dark, by John Zaffis and Brian McIntyre.

The book begins with the chapter ‘Interview with a Psychic Researcher’.  Here we are introduced to John’s background and how he came to be involved with the supernatural and preternatural. As the nephew of famed paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren, he has been exposed to the study of the paranormal his entire life.  We are drawn into the world of someone who has not merely studied incidences of possession and exorcism, but who lives it, having performed over 7,000 investigations and participated/assisted to date in over 85 exorcisms over the past 28 years. 

In this chapter, co-author Brian McIntyre has posed excellent questions about John’s work and experience.  Two examples:  “Exorcisms are seen as a myth or a misdiagnosed psychiatric problem.  Have you seen cases of pure possession in your career as a researcher?  Also, what exactly occurs at an exorcism?”   “What is provocation and what is its purpose, intent, and outcome?”

 John has answered these questions and others thoroughly and intelligently.  Be prepared to be unnerved by some of his answers, though, as John stresses paranormal phenomena, hauntings, and possessions are very real and very serious.  Indeed, it can take its toll on the researchers as badly as the victims.  And, as many misconceptions on the supernatural and preternatural are dispelled, the explanations given on the subject is also important advice to be paid heed to and studied.

The rest of the book is devoted to actual cases John has investigated. Though fascinating, these cases are frighteningly real and serves to illustrate the impact of the information in the first chapter.

This book is highly recommended as an addition to your personal library and should be ‘must reading’ for any serious investigator of the paranormal.

*****  ~~The CatHerder