Spiritual Dowsing: Tools for Exploring the Intangible Realms
by Sid Lonegren
2007, Gothic Image Publications, 204 pages

In this wonderfully detailed book, Sid Lonegren gives us real tools for dowsing and more, as the title suggests. This book is important in that it explores the history of dowsing. It is my contention that in order to know where we are in any given circumstance it is important to know from whence we came, so prepare for an amazing history lesson. For hundreds of years, dowsers have practiced their craft in societies that suspected them of dabbling in Black Arts while at the same time desperately needing their skills for finding life-giving water. Dowsers often walked a fine line between the two paradoxes. Therefore this book often reads like a good mystery and, as the historical context is carried throughout the book, I found myself reading into the night.

Indeed, Dowsing is a knowing - or “gnowing” – process, as the author explains it, for it is from knowledge within ourselves that the dowsing works. However you “gnow” that which you seek, it is relevant , whether you “hear” it, “see” it, or witness it in the movement of the dowsing tool. Dowsing, however practically it is used, is still ultimately a spiritual event , as author Lonegren shows us.

From this book you will learn some amazing things about dowsing from one of the foremost experts in the field worldwide and you will learn a few things about yourself, too, if you choose to follow the lessons in this book. I recommend it to the experienced dowser as well as the novice.

Rating  5***** of 5***** WHOO-HOOs! / The CatHerder  1/05/2014