When Ghosts Speak Understanding the World of Earthbound Spirits
by Mary Ann Winkowski
2007, Grand Central Publishing, 234 pages

Mary Ann Winkowski can see and talk to ghosts. Just as simply as you and I meet and greet our fellow humans, she does the same with earthbound spirits. I had not been familiar with Mary Ann before I discovered this book and was surprised to learn she is the consultant for the hit show Ghost Whisperer and has worked closely with police departments and the FBI, offering invaluable assistance in difficult cases. When not thus engaged in consulting, touring, ridding a home of a stubborn former occupant, or sending a wayward soul into the Light, she is a happy wife, mom, and grandmom in Cleveland, where she has lived all her remarkable life.

In the book, Mary Ann describes her amazing life and her work. She really did “grow up with ghosts”, attending neighborhood funerals since she was four years old with her beloved Italian grandmother and interacting with the spirits of the recently departed. And, as a person for whom a conversation with a ghost is as normal as any she would have with you or me, she is able to introduce a completely new way of understanding these inhabitants of the next dimension. Have you always wondered why ghosts remain earthbound, not entering into the Light? What are they feeling? Do they have the same personalities as they did in life? Do they watch us in the shower? Mary Ann has had the opportunity to interact with ghosts and to simply ask them. And they tell her! She describes the “life” of a ghost from the actual perspective of the the ghosts themselves. This gives a whole new understanding to the phrase “ghosts were people too”. It also gives a valuable insight into the world beyond this plane.

After finishing the book, I find myself returning again and again to reference the useful information in many of the chapters, especially those in in Part III, Living With Ghosts. My favorites are Signs That You Are Not Alone, useful to those who may suspect they are being haunted; How to Deal with Ghosts, valuable information on protecting yourself from the influence of ghosts; and Curses and Other Negative Energy. All the information is presented in a practical, down-to-earth manner. There are many fascinating anecdotes such as what ghosts have to say about their funerals and a memorable encounter with the ghost of Barbara Stanwyck. I also enjoyed the interesting photos and have since visited her website, which has many more photos taken during her investigations or submitted by clients.

A devout and lifelong Catholic, Mary Ann appears to have great respect and acceptance for the beliefs of others. As she says, while many wonder if there is “something” after death, she knows it.

RATING 5***** of 5***** by CatHerder