A Class Act!
October 9, 10, 11, 2015

"Truth is not puffed up. Truth is in the gentle breeze of a whisper."
Kristi Posey, August 2001

Intuitive Counselors, Alternative Healers, Aura Photography, Vendors &
16 Workshops on Health and Spirituality.
All workshops are included in the price of admission.
Daily Admission: SAT: $10 SUN $8 Weekend Pass $15

Festival Times:
Friday, October 9th 4:30 - 7:30 PM
Intuitive Counselors will be available for readings Friday, Saturday and Sunday. $35 for 30 minutes. Festival will not be open to the public on Friday. All Festival events open on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, October 10th 9:45 AM - 7:00 PM
Sunday, October 11th 10:45 AM - 6:00 PM
For more information or to schedule an appointment with an Intuitive Counselor
Call (864) 233-3033 or EMAIL TO: janthemother@aol.com
Food Service Provided
A Child's Haven is our charity. Bring an item for their Wish List and receive $1.00 discount on admission. A portion of the admissions will be donated to A Child's Haven. (See the Wish List on the back of this flier)

Directions To The Greenville Shrine Club:
From Asheville, NC area - 26 to Hendersonville; 25 to Greenville , pass Travelers Rest 276 into Greenville, left on 291 (construction area Pleasantburg Drive), left at 4th light on Rutherford Road. Pass Farmers Market on right, get in left hand lane, Cross bridge, turn left on Beverly Road. Shrine Club on left. From Georgia 85 area: 85N - 185 into Greenville. When interstate ends continue straight (pass BiLo Center on right). (you are on Church St.) Street will end; turn right onto Wade Hampton Blvd, left at 4th light on 291, right at next light onto Rutherford Rd. Pass Farmers Market on right, get in left hand lane, cross bridge, and turn left on Beverly Road. Shrine Club on left. From Columbia area to Greenville on 26 - 385. Pleasantburg Drive (291), exit north/left at 3rd light onto Pleasantburg, Right at 2nd light onto Rutherford Road, Pass Farmers Market on right, get in left hand lane, cross bridge, turn left on Beverly Road. Shrine Club on left.


Saturday, October 10th

10:00 AM A Journey Through Your Chakras……………………………….….DeBorah Shelton

11:00 AM The Revitalizing Power Of Light Will Change Your Life…………...........Wes Burwell

12:00 PM Accessing Consciousness………………………………………..……Manfred Zapata

1:00 PM The Heart Of Aloha ……………………………….………..……………Kaleo Wheeler

2:00 PM Subject To Be Announced..……………………………………………….. James Berry

3:00 PM The Angel Show……….……………………..Charlene Stringfield and Jeanne Castor

4:00 PM Introduction To And Benefits Of Orgone…………….……………..…….Donna Spratt

5:00 PM Living A Spiritually Abundant Life…………..…………………………….Sundara Fawn

6:00 PM Introduction To Dowsing…………………………………...…..Phyllis Mitchell Benefield

Sunday, October 11th

11:00 AM Death And Rebirth…………………………………………..……………Brian Burghardt

12:00 PM What Exactly Is The Healing Journey……………………………..………..Deb Lloyd

1:00 PM The Three Mary Magdalenes………………………………...…….…..Dick Lowdermilk

2:00 PM Using Stones To Create A Grid……………………………………………...Dan Elswick

3:00 PM Manifesting Your Dreams……………………………………………….Justin Blackburn

4:00 PM The Revitalizing Power Of Light Will Change Your Life…………….........Wes Burwell

5:00 PM Introduction To Past Life Regression......................................................Jan Posey


Page Bryant has been an intuitive counselor and spiritual teacher for 35 years. Fifteen of those years were spent in the media, having her own radio talk show in Florida, Arizona and California. Over the years she has authored 14 books, her latest being, The Second Coming Of The Star Gods (Hampton Roads Publishing). Page served for 20 years at Sun Bear's Medicine Wheel Gatherings. Page's popular book, The Spiritual Awakening Of The Great Smoky Mountains, has been a bestseller in the region and beyond. Page will be signing books at her booth. Page will be offering only four sessions of 30 minutes per day.

Ethel Crites channels information about purpose, life path, health issues, future and past lives. Featured on television and radio shows throughout the Eastern US, Ethel is an outstanding intuitive. In 1975, she began an intensive study in Parapsychology, Metaphysics & Intuition for the Poseidia Institute at Virginia Beach, VA. She has provided her services to major corporations and government agencies, including the Wash. D.C. Homicide Div & Missing Persons.

Rev. Dr. Olympia Freeman offers insightful, guidance using Angel cards to create peace, abundance, stronger relationships, career opportunities, and well-being. She brings an effervescent awareness to her readings to understand the soul's journey home to Creator. Olympia has been empathic and clairvoyant since childhood, and far wise beyond her years. Her 30 years experience as a teacher, intuitive, healing facilitator include being a certified past life consultant, teaching Jungian Tarot and resident metaphysical consultant for the Light-Line at the Edgar Cayce Foundation of Virginia Beach. Her Soul Light Healing sessions awaken you more powerfully to your soul potential. For information on phone and in-person consultations visit www.soulsmidwife.com , manageyourenergy.net .

Scott Guynup , husband of Page Bryant, is a visionary artist and has been doing spirit art for 30 years. Scott's interpretative renderings of spirit guides and angels develop as he is conducting intuitive readings with his clients. You're going to love this: as Scott reads for you; he is doing a wonderful pastel spirit art of your guide or angel. $80 for Spirit Artwork and reading: 1 hour sessions only.

Orion has been using his clairvoyant skills to help fellow travelers in this world for many years. About five years ago, he decided to devote his life to his calling. He has followed the "Psychic Circuit" in the southeastern U.S. since that time, as well as maintaining his own practice in Sweetwater, Tennessee. Orion also does radio, television and telephone readings as part of his practice. His areas of expertise include clairvoyance, psychometry, aura reading and dream analysis. He has used his talents on many occasions to aid police departments throughout the south.

Jessica Peach is an internationally acclaimed psychic/healer with over 30 years of experience and is originally from London, England. While living there, she studied with several British psychics. This gifted seer really enjoys helping her clients find direction and looking at things from another perspective in order to make the best decisions. She has a thriving international clientele and does readings both in person and on the phone. She is also a licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master and has her practice in Charlotte, NC. Check websites: psychicpeach.com and Britishmassage.com.

Jan Petrie You can meet visitors and teachers during her readings. Her Divine Guidance assists you in finding your own Divine Path. On this path you may experience other lives and ultimate truths barely discernible, yet completely profound. Her readings allow you to see new endeavors and unlock the abundance within the Higher Self. Jan’s father, Albert Wuelfing, who spearheaded microwave technology, taught her to always trust her feelings. He told her, “If everyone said to me, ‘Albert, this is crazy; It won’t work,’ and I had listened, things would be very different in the world today.”


A Class Act! brings The Festival of Healing and Spiritual Awareness to you four times a year, twice in Greenville, SC, and Columbia, SC and once in Charleston, SC. At A Class Act!, you will find natural healing products and natural healing therapies done by caring practitioners. Along with a variety of spiritual and metaphysical products and services, we also offer Biofeedback therapy, Amethyst Bio-mat therapy, books, crystal singing bowls, EMF radiation protection and other treasures. Contact: (864)233-3033, janthemother@aol.com

Aura Photography: Laura Kaye is an intuitive reader, aura photographer and ordained Minister. For the last 15 years, she has worked with over 10,000 people while traveling domestically and internationally. Her readings help you to understand yourself better by seeing how you are using your life force energy from your chakras in a colored photo. In addition to an explanation of what your aura reveals, each reading includes a high-quality photo and brief computer generated printout that provides a general description of the use of your colors.

Rick Baker is a sustainable artisan in Pelion, SC who works in natural wood and stone Check out his Facebook page (Rick Baker, Pelion SC) for a folder named Spirit of the Stone with pictures of his work

Katrin Beck is a life change facilitator and ordained minister. She has been channeling and communicating with Spirit all her life. For the past five years she has been creating her own healing modality, combining frequency and Quantum Physics based modalities such as Matrix Energetics with channeling of Divine Energy. She also channels Art through Pastel drawings for creative as well as therapeutic purposes, allowing healing Divine Energy to flow through her hands and pastel chalks unto the paper. Faces, beings, animals and symbols appear in the pictures, sometimes drawn without “willing” it, sometimes magically emerging from the chalk creating art pieces that are alive! They are energetically connected to the persons they were created for and faces etc and messages may appear, disappear or change even after years! She offers intuitive readings, individual art and energy therapy sessions as well as teaching workshops on channeling art. Contact (864)207-0767 or seedoflightcreations@live.com

Phyllis Benfield, Reiki Master, Ama Deus Practitioner , received her Reiki Master in 2007 and practices through her wellness center, Harmony Heals, LLC in Liberty, South Carolina Spiritual Clearing – Dowsing for Fun and Prosperity - Phyllis Benfield, Reiki MasterEverything is made of and created through energy. Some think of this energy as Spirit. To experience health and wholeness in our bodies our energy as to be balanced in mind (the intellect), body (the physical) and spirit (the emotional). You will learn the art and joy of pendulum dowsing and how to heal yourself and others through communicating with your guides. You will be introduced to a unique tool that can be practiced to affect energy and aid you in creating a more balanced life as well as gather information that will help you clear and balance your energy frequencies. This is certainly true prosperity! Through hands-on exercises, you will learn what dowsing is and is not; how to dowse; how to clear and balance energetic frequencies and practical applications for dowsing. You will leave this workshop empowered with valuable information for everyday application to increase your fun and prosperity in your life! Contact Phyllis at www.harmonyheals.org or by telephone (864-307-8403 office) or (864-380-9318 cell)

 Justin Blackburn is an Intuitive Inner Healer who has been providing powerful, heart opening awareness for people for the last nine years. As a clairvoyant, Justin’s intent is to pinpoint and remove any blockages keeping you from the powerful soul truth of the divine beauty that you are. He is a certified Deeksha Blessing Giver and has taken the ancient Shamanic Munay-Ki training where he received the Nine Rites of Passage. He also graduated from the Viradi Institute in 2007. He recently joined the Spa Team at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa where he facilitated healings in Nosara, Costa Rica. Blackburn now travels the globe providing Intuitive Inner Healings and powerful workshops at healing centers, businesses, churches, and living rooms. Justin Blackburn is all about feeling his true loving, wonderful presence and inspiring others to feel theirs as well. Justin Blackburn loves you. www.justinblackburnlovesyou.com

Elizabeth Brewer attacked her demons years ago and finally made peace with them. She turned the mental maneuvers she used into a book and guided journal, The Hunger for Home, to help others find their way . She's taken this a step further and is using the book, along with her energy healing abilities, as tools for coaching others. It's all about finding your home.

Brian L. Burghardt is an extraordinary Energy Healer visiting us from western Michigan. Brian has an amazing capacity for recognizing and removing negative energies. His healing sessions are very powerful. Stop by Brian's booth to schedule a session.

Equilibrium Zen Gym: George L. Gantt with Ingrid Harris: George L. Gantt, owner of Equilibrium Zen Gym: is a Tai Chi and Qigong instructor with 39 years experience, including two years studying with Grandmaster Wang Peisheng, both in China and in the United States. George has also studied with Master Chunan Jiang from Hunan, China and Greg Hong at N.C. State University. He teaches Yang style, Basic 8 and simplified 24 postures. He also teaches over 500 Qigong movements that promote health and healing. George is a certified Chinese massage therapist with an extensive knowledge of Chinese medicine. Ingrid Harris – Body worker, graduated from Carolina Bodywork Institute in 2008. Ingrid Harris continues to expand her knowledge, experience and expertise in Bodywork, as well as Energy Healing by attending workshops and classes to enhance her skills to better serve her clients. 207 W Antrim Dr, Greenville, SC 29607. Phone 864.419.2386 or email info@equilibriumzengym.com

Far and Beyond, owned by Barbara Castro, offers products from Africa. Barbara’s goal for the past five years has been to offer individuals the opportunity to use all-natural products (no chemicals) to help the body internally and externally. Products offered are 100% natural Shea butter, body creams with the main ingredient of shea butter, vitamins A, D, E, herbs with a scent of jasmine oil, gardenia oil, body wash with the main ingredients of black soap and herbs, Herbal Detox Tonic made from neem leaves. Stop by this booth to find out more on how Barbara can help you heal naturally.

Sundara Fawn is a mystic visionary artist, muralist and writer who shares her unique personal awareness, gained by over 25 years of devotion to both the creative process and to her connection with the Divine. She demonstrates that the journey into an awareness of our divinity can be fun and creative as she shares beautiful artwork expressing God’s infinite power. Sundara’s paintings are universal and honor the truth manifest in all religions as they express her commitment to experiencing absolute truth and sharing this truth with others As Sundara channels the Divine through her artwork, she brings forth inspirational writings. This special pairing of gifts leads to complementary works that are both beautiful and healing. Sharing these gifts in the form of art, guided meditations, videos and spiritual tools enables her to take others through a journey into Spirit to experience higher states of consciousness. Through her passionate and creative gifts, she intuitively reaches out and touches the hearts of those who are ready for positive change.

 Five Shen Wellness And Acupuncture Clinic with James Berry offers Five Element Acupuncture, Massage, and Herbal Remedies which are individually compounded in our herbal dispensary on site.

Belinda Foster is an Ambassador of Truth and Light, a Speaker, Transformation Coach, and a Health and Wealth Consultant. With spiritual guidance and a heart of loving service, she’ll show how you too can be fully awakened through head-to-toe cellular cleansing and replacing dead foods--that have poisoned our bodies and blocked our energy--with live super dense nutritional foods and minerals that will enlighten the body and allow your spiritual abilities to further awaken. As a result of Belinda’s systems, you’ll experience a physical-to-spiritual shift as addictions to sugar, fat, salt, food, chemicals, co-dependent toxic relationships, toxic thinking and self-sabotaging behaviors fall away. As a former 25 year Banking expert, she teaches financial abundance to those who want to learn about the new economy, the value of networks, leverage, residual income and the methods to accomplish this when serving and loving others. Belinda states, “We must lift each other up with the greatest and purist intentions for living a life of freedom, service, abundance and gratitude. The 99% is now the new 1%. Spiritual Awakenings, Paradigm Shifts and Flips are happening everywhere. Is it time for your shift? Fear is just an illusion; you weren't meant to be medicated, poisoned, sick, overweight, tired or broke. You didn’t come here to play small. Dream Big and Start Your Shift. Start by connecting with me. I look forward to hearing from you.” Belinda Foster, 864-921-4576, belinda@fosteringhealing.today

Chimene Green has been touching souls since she was nine years old and later realized that this was her path. She has studied at numerous institutes and with many wonderful teachers and healers from around the world. Chimene has developed ‘transformational therapy’ which includes Swedish/deep tissue/lymphatic massage, reflexology, reiki, energy medicine, toning, karuna ki, ear candling, chakra clearing, chi nei tsang and more. Enjoy a reflexology session or a chair massage!

Human Tuning Group Featuring world renowned Energy Practitioner / Speaker Wes Burwell and the Human Tuning Group. “FREE” In Light Wellness System Demonstrations, the most advanced light therapy equipment on the planetwill be provided during festival, Come on down and get “Beamed Up” with In Light! Also, you will have an opportunity to have a one on one conversation about “Light Work” with Wes. Lecture topic, “The Revitalizing Power Of Light Will Change Your Life” HTG is known for being a leader in Human Performance and Wellness. From the latest Aerospace technology to ancient technology such as sound therapy & crystal therapy or ole time remedies formulated in Burke County you will see something that will interest you. Join The Self-Care Movement we have what you need. Also, Cathy Brown “Spiritual Artist” will be on site displaying her work.

Kakalaki with Jennifer Wilson offers a variety of wonderful miscellaneous items you won’t want to miss.

J R Rocks: Josephine and Russ Underwood, Blythewood, SC jrrockshop@msn.com Phone (803) 337-4082 Josephine has stones with cards of metaphysical knowledge and affirmations, gemstone pendants – necklaces – earrings and bracelets, animal totem and symbolic charms, ancient Chinese art of crystallized jade, wearable art for your home and body. Russ Underwood “the wire wrapper”: I “dress up rocks,” enhancing their natural beauty. Purchase my one of a kind wearable art gemstone pendants – bracelets – rings and earrings.

Dick Lowdermilk has spent a lifetime searching and investigating mysteries and paranormal phenomena to find facts and documentation to support his questions. Do I have your attention yet? Be here or miss out on information! Dick's Bookshelf (His vendor booth) will have a great selection of books.

Merlin’s Minerals with Dan Elswick will include his Energy Stones, Metaphysical Jewelry, and other Tools for Light workers and Seekers. Available for this Festival are pendants, necklaces and earrings made of energy stones, Himalayan salt products including lamps, tea lights, and salt crystals for the bath. Dan will showcase Energy Stones such as amethyst and citrine clusters and points, apophyllite, blue kyanite - wands and blades - as well as massage wands of emerald and petrified wood. Don't miss Dan's "Build Your Own Necklace," at $1 per item!

Metal Tiger Studio – offers unique Wands, Staffs and other artistic pieces. All are created using Universal Laws of Metaphysics. No pieces are pre-programmed. Offered by Lynn Winter.

Mystic Garden with Dawn Prior: Visit Mystic Garden to share Glen Kolleda's healing wands, music and artwork. Dawn also has many new and exciting treasures available that are sure to enhance your well being, or provide a magical, whimsical touch of decor to your home or office.

Dennis Neves – Air Purification Equipment by Ecoquest (formerly Alpine) Dennis Neves is knowledgeable on the do's and don'ts of maintaining clean, pure air in an enclosed environment. Stop by to visit with Dennis and learn more about the different ways to keep the air in your home or office clean.

Peaceful Way Massage And Reiki with Deb and Gary Lloyd Deborah Lloyd and husband – chair massage Deborah Lloyd is a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, and certified holistic therapy practitioner, Deborah Lloyd, from Asheville, NC, shares her expertise in working with the archangels and their spiritual guidance. She is the author of “Believe and it is True: A Story of Healing and Life Lessons,” published by John Hunt Publishing Company. Working with the Archangels This workshop will include a description and the specialties of seven major archangels. These specialties include the physical, emotional and spiritual issues associated with them; as well as ways to access their loving guidance. Archangels are powerful spiritual beings, ready to bring healing, light and blessings into your life. Learn to connect to these amazing beings!

(Rev. DeBorah Shelton, is a Spiritual Counselor, Tuning Fork Practitioner and certified Reiki Master. She is the founding and current Minister of The Evolving Temple of New thought Philosophy. She is an advanced Personal Growth and Awareness Facilitator, having trained at the Barbara King School of Ministry. DeBorah has spent over 15 years as a Spiritual Life Coach leading others in releasing negative conditioning, modifying core beliefs and behaviors, affirming their true paths, and manifesting the lives they desire. DeBorah's life purpose is to encourage, empower and guide others to experience, personal peace, joy and abundance she accomplishes this through workshops, classes and retreats. 828-333-5129 http://www.evolvingcenter.org or http://www.mydoterra.com/deborahogiste/

Donna Spratt began her journey with the Metaphysical world approximately fifteen years ago. From the beginning she has been and continues to be a student of Ramtha and the Ramtha school in Washington. Donna is an avid photographer, and once she discovered orbs in her photos she spent several years photographing and communicating with them through her photos. Her love of physics has led her to study Tesla and his torsion fields, copper and its properties. Donna has also spent many years studying crystals and has come to honor and understand the support they provide. Together with her experience, studies and intuition, Donna has become quite the alchemist with her work in orgone. Donna Spratt brings The Alchemist Chamber featuring knowledge and items featuring Orgone Alchemy, a subtle energy technology. Stop by this booth to experience these amazing and beautiful creations.

Charlene Stringfield and Jeanne Castor are Guardian Angel Communicators and Spiritual Healers. They will be working as a team to deliver personal Messages from your Guardian Angels and Animal guides. All messages are positive and Divine based. Charlene and Jeanne also teach Intuitive Healing Classes locally and Co host a popular spiritually based radio show on BlogTalk Radio. They are Reiki Masters,Deeksha Blessing givers and practice many modalities of healing. Initially training at the Virardi institute to open their Claire abilities then expanding to The University of Spirit

The Silver Cauldron with Madison Canselor offers an assortment of handmade incense as well as a variety of other products both Wiccan and Pagan. You’ll find many unique items at this booth.

Kaleo Wheeler is a charismatic, powerful and unique Motivational Speaker, bringing to it her intoxicating gift as a Musical Storyteller. All of her stories, what she calls “talk story”, come from the Hawaiian tradition that is allabout family and caring for each other. It is what the Hawaiians call Living the Aloha Spirit or the Way of the Heart. Kaleo is the Director of the Heart of Aloha (Ka Pu’uwai o Aloha) Halau, a school of Traditional Hula and the Hawaiian Healing Arts. She is a teacher and spiritual counselor. She has been fortunate to have spent time in both Hawai’I and on the mainland studying with masters teachers of hula, chant and huna since the late 80’s. She has been singing and sharing her music for 30 years. Embracing the Love, the Harmony, the Beauty of Aloha, the Way of the Heart Bless the Present - Trust Yourself - Expect the Best For more information, you can visit: www.kaleowheeler.com . Phone: 812-929-8898. Email:kaleowheeler@gmail.com

The Wind Institute of Healing & Meditative Arts, with Founder Nicole Dockins, RMT, NC. The Wind Institute is a local Traditional Japanese Reiki Center & Sanctuary offering: Private Sessions - Certified Training - Natural Health Care Products - Nutritional Consultation & Genetic Analysis - Unique Gifts - Community Out Reach Programs - and so much more. Founded by Nicole Dockins, Nicole has been providing Clinical Bio Energetic Therapies and Certified Training Programs for over 14 years and has practiced in both medical and mental health care facilities for over 7 years before opening her own private clinic. She is a Certified Reiki Instructor in both Western and Traditional Japanese theories and is also a Certified Nutraceuticals Consultant. Nicole will be offering: FREE Consultations, FREE Information, FREE Raffle, Our FULL Products Line of Natural Health & Beauty Care Products and Gift Certificates for Purchase, Enrollment Opportunities, Onsite Demonstrations and more. For more information about The Wind Institute and what we have to offer, please visit our website at: www.thewindinstitute.com

Anaistaisscia Warner’s Celtic Traditions offers a selection of handcrafted jewelry and other carefully selected one-of-a-kind items. Anaistaisscia’s work embodies both the skilled craftsmanship handed down by family tradition and her own strong intuitive skills in her designs.

Manfred Zepeda, originally from Mexico, he has lived in US since 2012. All the tools he uses in his practice are ones that he has used extensively on himself. His own journey included depression, illness, and disillusionment with being here; knowing somewhere deep inside that more was possible in life, but not seeming to find the answers he was looking for. He studied spirituality, metaphysics, energetic work, you name it, until he came across the holistic approach known as Access Consciousness where the most entrenched and dysfunctional parts of his life began to shift in dramatic ways. Through the gifts of Access Consciousness he has come to discover that magic within and all around us and that all of life truly does come to us with ease, joy and glory! His own experiences has inspired him to be an invitation to others and show them what's truly possible when we make the demand to change. While the Access tools may seem unusual, they are incredibly potent and practical! Manfred is a Bars facilitator and talk to the Entities Facilitator (both by Access Consciousness), Reiki Master, Tera Mai Reiki Master, SKHM practitioner, Theta healing practitioner, vortex healing practitioner, he learnt shamanism in his country, and he integrates other studies in his practice.

Our Sponsored Charity:This is such a wonderful, caring organization that is making a huge difference with at risk children. I am honored to have A Child's Haven as a sponsor for our festival. Please give generously. We have provided the wish list. Remember that with a donation you will get $1.00 off of your admission to the festival.
A Child’s Haven – Special Needs
Children’s Needs – 2-5 years old : Extra large diapers or pull-ups with Velcro sizes 4, 5 & 6, baby wipes, (new or gently used) children’s underwear sizes 2T –8, long sleeve t-shirts & pants in sizes 2T-8.
Classroom Needs (new or gently used): Books – Toddler & pre-school, sturdy board books. Teaching books such as shapes, sizes, colors, manners, seasons, safety, fruits/ vegetables, farm & zoo animals. Repetition books, play-a-sound books, pop-up books, books with cassettes