"Religion is a man using a
divining rod. Philosophy is
a man using a pick and
~~Author Unknown

A  Special  Dowsing  Experience

It was one of those days when I had burdens to mull over in my mind and I felt I needed guidance. You know it too, “If I could just talk to Mom/Dad/Gramma one more time.....”  You really miss the person you always used to rely on during those times. That is how I came to visit Dad's grave that day to spend some time in quiet meditation. Having used dowsing rods, which I always carry with me, to contact spirits in paranormal investigations, the question was running in the back of my mind, “Could I use these to connect with my Dad?” As I exited my car, rods in tow, mulling over the idea, I spied a new bench nestled under a shady tree not too far in the distance that looked very inviting. 

I headed to the bench to chill a bit while playing with my cell phone and psyching myself up to meditate on the issues of life that were concerning me. After a while I decided to try the rods, to see if there was a special message for me, yet not knowing just what to ask. So, after asking,  “Can I, should I, may I?”, and feeling good about it, I asked the rods to "point to what they were supposed to point to". They moved about as I adjusted my direction and the rods, of course, settled on pointing toward my Dad's grave. However, I was already second-guessing my intuition and thinking maybe I shouldn't "bother all these peacefully dead people with my parlor tricks" and let down the rods. 

Off I started in the direction they had pointed, which was toward Dad's grave. Suddenly I stopped, being completely distracted by an interesting plot and stopped to examine it. It had an unusual Greek family name, but it was of no one connected to me that I knew of. I just wanted to walk in a circle there and so I did --I walked all around the lovely plot hoping for some enlightenment as to why this spot had seemed to call to me. As I had not determined a reason for the interruption of my walk to my Dad's grave, I decided to pull up the rods again and allowed them to adjust direction. And there I stood, rods pointed straight ahead to the plot I was almost on top of....Nanny's grave! 

Nanny was my dear Stepmom's mother, who passed away a few years ago at the age of 90. The children had desired a very private burial, so after the wake, only they and her grandchildren were present to say their goodbyes graveside. Therefore, I had never known where Nanny was buried! I stood there in awe a few moments and when finally composed, thought that I needed to ask if Nanny had a message for her daughter, my Mama Jean, so I asked, “Nanny, swing the rods if you want to let Jean know you are okay and happy.” The rods swung outward in a perfect line and held there! Wow! 

From there, I decided, "What the hey, go for it!", and asked the rods to point toward Dad's grave. The rods began to swing toward his grave and then one rod swung toward me. I asked to be led to his grave and the rod that was pointed toward me swung back with both again pointed toward Dad's grave, and off I went. When I came to the head of Dad's grave, the rods again swung outward in a perfect line. Then one rod swung toward me as the other stayed pointed toward Dad's grave as I gasped in awe. I began circling around his grave as both rods moved continually to point at it. When I stopped, now at the foot of the grave, again one rod stayed pointed toward Dad's grave while the other swung slowly back around to point toward me, as if to show that the bond toward this father and daughter is still strong and is eternal. Thanks Dad. I love and miss you, too.          ~~The CatHerder


















Mariel's Pick

I was fortunate to have attended a dowsing class given by famed dowser Joey Korn at the Festival of Healing and Spiritual Awareness held at Furman this past March.  Learn more about dowsing at his website, www.dowsers.com


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