“Now he has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” ~~Albert Einstein

Paranormal?.....or Not!

Each subject in Paranormal?...or Not! has the potential to be a permanent "work in progress" as the Ghost PRO team may continue to add updates and postscripts to these research photos.  Please visit this page often for updates and new analyses. 


"We had a professional photographer take some photos of my husband's car for a calendar in a well known cemetery, Oakwood Cemetery a.k.a. "Hell's Gate". While my son and I puttered around the Pauper's Field and all the other markers, the photographer took photos and they moved the car around for different shots. Well, the photographer called a couple of days later wanting to bring by a disc with the photos and said something was odd and he wanted us to see what we thought. Well, we got goose pimples and decided to get a professional opinion.  I was hoping your team could look at the photos and let me know what you think. Thank you!" ~ Tammy

Thanks, Tammy, for the photos.  Our first reaction was to see what conditions that day or camera settings may have caused the green anomaly on the photo.  We do know that photographers may use reflectors to manipulate lighting even in outdoor conditions and wondered if that could have been the case.  Perhaps the 'movement' was caused by the photos being taken from different angles. 

We were intrigued and sought out the expert advice of Ohio-based photographer Jeff Glasser, who knows photography inside and out. Jeff's insight:

"Film records images by light interacting with silver halide crystals in an emulsion on the front of a film. You'll get the most accurate representation with black & white film because it's the most basic formulation. Color film does the same thing but contains multiple layers, using color separators in each to pass the opposite of the three primary colors as light passes through the film.

Digital cameras have, as the first thing in the acquisition chain, a low-pass filter (the blue-green thing you see when you flip up the mirror to clean the sensor), then behind that is the color matrix and finally the sensor itself. The sensor is a series of photo-sensitive pixels that create an electrical charge when struck by light, then these signals are carried to the camera electronics. The color matrix is a grid of very fine strips of color gels in the 3 primary colors in a series of 4 (green is repeated since it's so predominant in our spectrum); and the camera knows which color corresponds to which pixel when combining this mess to produce a picture.

For about the last 15-20 years, every TV camera has been built with a sensor similar to the ones in digital still cameras. Before that, they used vacuum tubes with a photo-sensitive surface. Behind the lens was either a series of dichroic mirrors (a mirror that can pass one color while reflecting another) or a prism that broke light down to the three primary colors for processing by the pick-up tubes. There are plenty of shortcomings with this system but I always found it to be a very accurate transducer (something that changes one type of energy -- light -- into another -- electrical signals).

Each of these gadgets records the visible spectrum in a slightly different manner, so it's technically possible -- although unlikely -- that a given object seen with our eyes will be recorded differently by each of these cameras. IR and ultraviolet cameras record electromagnetic energy adjacent to the visible spectrum in the form of heat."

So, while intriguing, there could be a logical explanation for these anomalies.

Jeff also suggests going into an investigation with a battery of high-tech equipment for superior cross-referencing of evidence, a harness with several cameras: digital, 2 film (color and B&W), infrared, ultraviolet, and an older professional video camera, as each processes light in a different manner.  We are working on that one. 


A friend took this picture yesterday Nov 11, '09 at Hummel Park in Omaha NE, which there has been paranormal activity in the past. This area has had many murders, rapes and suicides. This is a photo that was taken and do you know what the pink odd-shaped rectangle could be? Is it paranormal or just a camera movement? Thank you for any information you may provide. ~~ Sheila

Observations:  The anomaly in the photo to me at first made me think of a reflection like what one gets when one snaps a shot into the sun, except the "burst" of sunlight is missing. In light of that-- no pun intended--it even more resembles what you would see if you snapped a shot, for example, indoors, and light was streaming through a nearby window, and the shot was picking up the light. Of course, this photo was snapped outside with no walls or windows to create that effect!!! The anomaly appearing so window-like piqued my interest and made me think while it could be a discarded bit of cellophane, it could also be a portal to another dimension, perhaps? (This conclusion being drawn based on my personal experiences at the shrine in Conyers, GA, of which the pink tint was also of significance.)

Research:  My next step was to research the background of the area and Hummel Park is indeed reputed to be steeped in haunted history. The paranormal group in that area, PRISM, has a great write-up of the park's dark history and some excellent photos of paranormal activity. Take a look~~ http://doyouseedeadpeople.org/inv_hummel_park_omaha.html. Hummel Park is definitely a place I would like to visit and investigate someday. Thank you for sharing your photo and I hope our input helps.





















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