"If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything"  ~~ Mark Twain


"Investigate" our ROAD TRIPS.  These are special trips we take to learn from and collaborate with paranormal investigators from all over the world with perhaps a hunt or  investigation thrown in....... see where we've been!

The Legacy Continues...A Century Later   On a wintry night, Friday the Thirteenth to be exact, the Ghost PRO team stood at the bottom of an empty elevator shaft, gazing into the impenetrable black shadows shrouding its upper reaches. One hundred eleven years ago a young man had stepped to his death from the hidden heights....MORE

Are the rooms always occupied at Liberty Lodge?   Little did we know when we were called to investigate paranormal activity at the beautiful Liberty Lodge restaurant and Bed & Breakfast in Walhalla, SC, that the historic inn, once owned by J L Mann.....MORE

Where There's Smoke, There's... Ghosts?   Doesn't quite have the same ring as that other tried and true old saw, yet according to our clients, smoke, or rather, the smell of smoke was a sure sign of an otherworldly presence sharing their modest suburban home...... FULL STORY

Ghost PRO & Friends Outing to Stumphouse Tunnel and Old Pickens Courthouse  The atmosphere was misty, if not paranormal, making this a fine day for vistiting Stumphouse Tunnel and the lovely little cemetery at the forgotten town of Pickens Courthouse......PHOTOS

Hunt at Anthony's Fine Dining Restaurant   The Through The Veil Paranormal and Metaphysical Conference in Atlanta, GA was as awesome as the year before. Mariel's birthday treat to herself this year was to join in on a ghost hunt at famed Anthony's Fine Dining Restaurant led by John Zaffis, the "Godfather of the Paranormal".  She was able to film the group capturing many EVP that can be heard and seen HERE
All Quiet in Keowee   The sweet scent of sage curled toward the high ceiling in smoky wisps as the members of the Ghost PRO team spoke the final syllables of a simple prayer that had already been invoked in every other room of the house. The cleansing and protective smudging ceremony had begun downstairs and ended upstairs in the spacious glass-walled living room......MORE
Jan's Orbs   First and foremost, I must say that we are always surprised and amazed at the events that unfold at our investigations….
When pal Jan shared her photos of the many orbs that had appeared on their property for as long as they could remember, I was intrigued and ready to pay a visit to this enchanted forest. Needless to say, the lure of finding cool orbs in the woods.....
The Cat's Meow   Members of the Ghost PRO team were touched not once, but several times by what felt like a cat rubbing our legs at a lovely old homestead near Greenwood, SC.......  STORY, EVP & PHOTOS 
A message from beyond at The Old Henhouse???    This old photograph mysteriously appeared in the grass beside some steps to an old chicken barn in Liberty just moments after one of the GhostPRO team had navigated down those same steps.  The property owners did not recognize the person.  But we do love a mystery, so stay tuned for the results after our analysis and....a bit of extra research in search of the identity of the person in the photograph.  And what of the laughter, heard and commented on by Cat, yet silent to the others of the team....until we reviewed the EVP tapes and videos.  CLIPS & PHOTOS
Springwood Cemetery Hunt, Greenville, SC   Orbs, orbs, orbs!   The gravestones record the legacies of those buried in this historic cemetery.   PHOTOS & CLIP

The Three Guardians, Greenville County, SC     A swelteringly humid July evening saw the return of the GHOST PRO team to Poinsett Bridge in northern Greenville County. Though only six months had passed since the site had been initially investigated, a lot of changes had occurred for the group. New members had joined the family and others had departed, choosing to follow other paths. Photos and EVP from the former visit only tweaked the desire of the ones who hadn't been there to experience it for themselves.......    FULL STORY, CLIPS &   PHOTOS
Dock St. Residual Haunting    Picture a quaint mill village, the sort that prospered in the heyday of textiles. Architecturally distinguished from its neighbors only by on which side the second floor's dormer window projected, these sturdily framed pastel homes clustered within reach of the looming shadows cast by the austere hub of the town, the great ceaseless cotton mill. In rows lining narrow streets, with neatly tended kitchen gardens and adjacent yards separated only by a low fence or hedge which, rather than enforcing privacy, invited a few stolen moments of idle pleasant chatter while hanging out the day's wash.  STORY & PHOTOS
A session with "Lizzie" at the Atlanta Hilton during TTV 2009  A favorite of ours is the Through the Veil Paranormal and Metaphysical Conference in Atlanta.  We and our new friends found plenty of unexpected paranormal activity to investigate right at the conference we attended in Atlanta in June 2009.  While there, we had an unique opportunity to conduct a "mini-investigation"  in the conference lobby with conference pal Sandra Lynn Sparks in which "Lizzie" made herself known.  Read the results, and the happy postscript from Sandra Lynn as she learned the true identity of "Lizzie"  MEET LIZZIE HERE
The Paranormal Pup, Fountain Inn, SC  Companionship, entertainment, protection, loyalty....all excellent reasons why dogs are considered mans' best friend, but can being a ghost detector fall in there too?  Everyone has heard remarkable stories of the extraordinary feats pets are capable of performing...the cat who dialed 9-1-1 when it's owner was having a heart attack or the dog who awakened the family in time to save them from a burning home. Amazing indeed, but not without some precedent. It has been documented that animals possess an ability to predict natural phenomena........ FULL STORY, CLIPS & PHOTOS

The elusive Green Man aimed to "take us for a ride".
Body Shop Green Man , Spartanburg, SC  
It's the case every paranormal investigator dreams of...multiple reliable witnesses to strange happenings, odd noises, physical contact, big, heavy objects falling without reason or cause,a clear color photograph of a very green entity that no one could account for, a traceable site history that involved a possible murder , and a former site of worship -- the GhostPRO team was more than ready to gear up and get to the bottom of this when the call came .....FULL STORY, CLIPS & PHOTOS

Children's Cemetery, Greenville, SC
        This was a Friday the 13th hunt at Duncan Chapel. The road to the ruins, off Buncombe Rd., deadends into the site of the former chapel. Across from the chapel ruins is what is known as the "Children's Cemetery", as many of the graves are of children......FULL STORY & PHOTOS

Tommy surprised by a "local"Poinsett Bridge, Greenville County, SC   The GHOST PRO team completed an investigation of Poinsett Bridge in Greenville SC in December 2008. The bridge is historically significant as it is believed to be the oldest surviving bridge in South Carolina and is the focal point for numerous tales of unexplained lights, eerie sounds, lost Indian burial mounds and slave lynchings. It was one of three structures on a toll road that ran from Charleston SC through the upstate to Asheville NC and is named for Joel Roberts Poinsett

Watch  "Puff of Ghost"  on YouTube



Chronology of Investigations and Log Quicklist:

10/4/2014 Berkely County, SC
9/12/2014  Woodruff, SC
1/17/2014 Mickie, Greenville, SC
11/08/2013 A Little School Spirit, Oconee, SC
10/18/2013 Private Residence Inman, SC
8/17/2013  Mr. Cox' s Trunk, Greenville, SC
6/14/2012  Rosie,        Seneca, SC
4/6/2013  Granny's Watching, Cateechee, SC
1/20/2013 He Died Cooking, Easley, SC
12/22/2012  Private Residence, Greenville, SC
8/24/2012  For the Dogs, Anderson, SC
8/18/2012 Flashed!  Downtown Greenville, SC
8/5/2012  Private Residence, Greenwood, SC
6/15/2012  Private Residence Oconee County, SC
1/13/2012  Undisclosed Historic Location, Greenville County, SC
10/22/2011 Old Inn, Greenwood, SC
10/14-15/2011 Ghost Hunting 101 excursion, Liberty, SC
7/23/2011 Surprise Road Trip to Bobby Mackey's, Newport, KY
5/14/2011 Grandfather?  Anderson, SC
9/26/10  Liberty Lodge Bed & Breakfast, Oconee County, SC
8/23/10 & 9/18/10  Residence, Laurens, SC
8/28/10  Where There's Smoke, There's...Ghosts?, Gastonia, NC
6/19/10  Stumphouse Tunnel & Old Pickens Courthouse Cemetery,  Oconee County, SC
6/11/10  Hunt at Anthony's Fine Dining at TTV Conference, Atlanta, GA
4/30/10  All Quiet in Keowee, Seneca, SC
3/20/10  Jan's Orbs, Piedmont, SC
11/7/09  The Cat's Meow, Hodges, SC

9/12/09  The Old Henhouse, Liberty, SC

9/5/09  Springwood Cemetery, Greenville, SC
 7/10/09  The Three Guardians - Poinsett Bridge Revisited, Greenville    County, SC

6/26/09  The Dock St. Residual Haunting, Spartanburg County, SC
6-5-09   "Lizzie" at TTV Conference, Atlanta, GA
4/19/09  Bar & Grill, Easley, SC
3/21/09  The Paranormal Pup, Fountain, Inn, SC

3/7/09 & 3/14/09  The Body Shop Green Man, Spartanburg, SC

2/13/09  Children's Cemetery, Greenville, SC
12/13/08  Poinsett Bridge, Greenville County, SC


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