"We aren't Ghostbusters. Though one of those backpacks would be cool." ~~ Kate McClure

Ghost PRO Investigative Procedures      

  • The Ghost PRO team members will arrive on site prior to the scheduled appointment time with all necessary equipment to conduct the investigation.

  • The client is not expected to provide any equipment, materials, or refreshments other than materials the client deems pertinent to the investigation. If the need for an additional power source should arise, the Ghost PRO team will request permission prior to "plugging in".

  • The client is requested to participate in a preliminary walk-through of the site to insure the orientation, safety and property verification for Ghost PRO team members.

  • Preliminary readings and data collection may be obtained during this time.

  • The Ghost PRO investigative team will set up such equipment as needed to monitor and record data and/or any evidence of phenomena that may occur.

  • The investigation will last approximately three to four hours dependent upon the events that may occur.

  • The client may observe the investigation in progress, but is requested not to actively participate unless specifically requested by the Ghost PRO team.

  • At the conclusion of the investigation the client is requested to participate in a final walk-through of the site to insure that no property has been damaged.

  • All data collected during the investigation will be analyzed in a timely manner and the findings will presented to the client in a hard copy media format.

  • The Ghost PRO team can not and does not guarantee any results that conclusively confirm or deny events of possible paranormal origin. Ghost PRO can only offer possible explanations of events that occurred and were witnessed or documented during the investigation period.


The Ghost PRO team will utilize equipment during an investigation that consists of but is not limited to the following:


Sony Night Shot w/IR Digital Video Camera
Sony HandyCam Digital Video Camera DCR DVD650
JVC Digital Video Camera GRD347U w/28x Hyper Zoom
GE CCD VHS-C HQ 6x Zoom Video Camera
Kodak Z1285 20x Optical Zoom Digital Camera
Fuji FinePix F50 Digital Camera
Nikon D40X Digital Camera
Norcent DCS 760 Digital Camera
Samsung BL103 Digital Camera
AudioVox 7" LCD Monitor/DVD Player
TVTech 5" Monitor
Color Bunker Hill Security Cameras w/IR & Microphone
RCA 4x1 A/V Selector w/S-Video
Blackberry Curve 8830
LG enV TOUCH VX11000
RCA RP5120A Digital Voice Recorder
Acu-Rite Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer w/radial probe
Cen-Tech Non-contact Infra-red Thermometer
Cell-Sensor Electromagnetic Frequency Meters (EMF)
Cell-Sensor Gauss Meter
U-L-I Carbon Monoxide Detector
Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop Computer
Hewlett-Packard TouchSmart TX2-2150us Notebook Computer
Toshiba L305D - S5900 Laptop Computer
Western Digital 2TB & 320G External Drives
Cross Talk Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) Real Time Recording Software
PX Instrumental Trans-Communication Audio Device
Symphony Ambient Noise Reduction Headphones
Infra-red LED & Ultra-violet Lighting Arrays
Lighting Array Reflectors
I-Sight Green LED Tactical Lights
Infra-red Motion Sensors
Magnetic Directional Compasses
Monocular, Binoculars & Scoped Range Finders
Dowsing Rods
Levels, Lasers & Control Objects

Ghost PRO does not advocate the use of Ouija boards or seances during any investigation.


Ghost PRO Wish List

These are the items we are hoping to add to our equipment array in the future:

Full-spectrum camera
Fuji FinePix s-series digital camera with 18x zoom and 6400 ISO
Thermal imaging camera
Tripods and mini-tripods
Equipment cases
High-end noise-canceling headphones
Infrared light-bars
Infrared filters, film, or camera
Old remotes from TVs, DVD players, etc.
Van or larger vehicle to fit equipment


Forms for Download:


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