Body Shop Green Man, Spartanburg, SC    
3/7/2009 & 3/14/2009  

One of the many sightings of the Green Man, at left, taken at the preliminary before the investigation. The photo below was taken at an earlier date by the business owner with his cell phone.One of the many sightings of the Green Man, at right, taken at the preliminary before the investigation.  The lower photo was taken at an earlier date by the business owner with his cell phone.

It's the case every respectable ghost hunter dreams of...multiple reliable witnesses to strange happenings, odd noises, physical contact, big, heavy objects falling without reason or cause, a clear color photograph of a very green entity that no one could account for, a traceable site history that involved a possible murder and a former site of worship...The GHOST PRO team was more than ready to gear up and get to the bottom of this case when the call came.

During a short visit to meet with the owner and employees and to do some site scouting, the case managers struck paranormal gold when the review of preliminary location photographs immediately revealed the presence of heavy orb activity and what appeared to be a greenish human figure peering from the rear seat of a car...Everyone present could verify that no one was in the vehicle when the picture was snapped as the auto was sitting in a paint booth ready for the final touch. While the orbs could be easily explained by the amount of dust in the air, there was no explanation for the colorful fellow checking us out.

An earlier image taken by the ownerThe GHOST PRO investigation lasted two nights, the first being March 7, 2009. That evening the owner gave the team free rein and locked us in. Unfortunately the cameras didn't find much other than plenty of orbs again, but the EVPs the investigators captured more than made up for the lack of photogenic spirits. During a session in the front offices it was plain that the building held an entity that had a penchant for being foul-mouthed and abusive toward the ladies of the group. As the night progressed, so did the verbal abuse. One of the investigators had been accompanied by his pregnant fiancee and at one point she became so emotionally overwhelmed that she needed to step away from the immediate area. Caught on tape at the same time as other investigators are expressing concern is a very clear male voice taunting "Cry, little angel, cry." Now while an emotional outburst can be attributed to the quicksilver changes of pregnancy, the odds of an EVP relating to the incident as it's occurring must be very low indeed.

The owner had related to the case managers during the initial interview a rumored story that well before the building's construction, a mob had lynched a young African-American from an old oak on the property. He pointed out a concrete roof support column in the main bay area as being the approximate site of the hanging tree. The K-II meter the GHOST PRO team was using that night kept giving sporadic high readings whenever this area was swept, despite the fact that there were no sources of electrical equipment to account for the activity. Each time the sensitives of the group came within the area they kept perceiving feelings of heaviness or sorrow and seemed to feel a much cooler temperature, although regular monitoring with a non-contact IR thermometer showed no change from the base readings obtained earlier in the night.

Later in the evening after the team had split into two groups, the investigators in the shop area requested verification of any entities' presences by object movement. Within moments there came a loud crash as a very heavy car part fell just a few feet from them. There was quite a bit of excitement generated by that incident. Also during the night a heavy chain used to lift motors began to sway overhead. In an effort to rule out reasonable causes, it was verified that there were no fans or air conditioning units in operation, nor were there any open doors or sources of outside drafts that could have set the chain in motion. As it was out of reach above the team members, no one could have accidentally brushed against it.

The night ended with several more EVPs, one being a female voice pleading "Help", and the name "Brenda" written in the dust on a chair. A GHOST PRO investigator had asked if any entity could identify itself in that method. None of the GHOST PRO team is so named and neither did the owner or any of the employees know of any match. A thorough check of site history turned up no evidence of any"Brenda" associated with the building, but we could not rule out that the name might have been written by a shop client or even an employee with a sense of humor, so despite our excitement over the find, the team cannot declare it proof of any paranormal activity.

The second phase of investigation came on March 14, 2009, when a smaller team of investigators returned to follow up and double-check some of the results obtained the first night. Once more the team was turned loose and locked in. Digital cameras began to capture orbs almost immediately, but again because of the thick dust coating in the shop, almost all would be ruled out as being disturbed particles reflecting the cameras' flashes. As one rear corner was being poked into, an investigator noted that the opposite corner had been lit momentarily with a bright red light, as though brake lights had been tapped. Photographs taken at the time fail to show the light, but did show what appears to be a green tinted spirit in motion. Efforts to locate the source of the light or to reproduce it from either inside or outside the building met no success.

As the team moved through the main bay, the column that had been the focus of activity the first night again drew attention. While the night vision camera was recording every movement and the comments about how again the perception of a much cooler temperature was evident, a strange grinding noise preceded the materialization of a white cottony puff of mist that divides in two and zips past the investigator's shoulder. This event wasn't visible to the naked eye, but in a frame by frame video review, it became plainly evident that there was something other than just the GHOST PRO team there.

The team moved into the paint booth area where a photograph had been taken of an entity previously, hoping for a repeat performance, but after a few minutes were greeted instead with a very noticeable rustling and scraping. Though it got hearts racing, the team looked for explainable sources and easily determined that a family of sparrows was nesting in a metal air duct that led outside. While asking for communication with any spirits, a loud bang caused by something falling occurred exactly as it had the previous week, and despite looking for the fallen object, nothing could be found that explained the event.

An EVP session in the front offices wrapped up the night, and again, an abusive, cursing spirit made its presence known, along with the female entity asking for assistance. Through the owner and a historical research on the property, it was known that the building had once housed a temple of Hindu faith. A topical search on that religion revealed that certain sects revere what western culture would consider pagan deities, one such being a "rakshasha" which is described as an imp-like creature, green, blue, or red in color, rapid of movement, which delights in creating havoc and thrives on carnage and fear. One of the EVP questions asked was, "Do you know what a rakshasha is?" and the response the team recorded was a very gruff sounding, "I'm it." Both group sensitives had noted the first night a quick-moving low "thing" which was not any type of recognizable animal (as there were none on site) that darted from an office cubicle. As prior substantiation for the presence of an unpleasant entity, the owner's pastor had been called in before the GHOST PRO team investigated and declared that he "saw" a "demon" which ran from him as he began to administer religious invocations. This chase was witnessed by employees who saw a heavy door in the shop jerk open then slam shut well before the minister came near.

It is the GHOST PRO team's final determination that this site and its occupants are being subjected to events and activities that cannot be explained except by looking at origins within the paranormal realm. We can't wait to revisit and see what has been going on since we were last there!   ~~LadyJem

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Chilling EVP:  During the first investigation, a member was overcome with emotion and went outside to recover.  Listen to the EVP here.
First Night's investigation photos

Second Night's investigation photos, one week later




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