“Shall any gazer see with mortal eyes,
Or any searcher know by mortal mind?
Veil after veil will lift - but here must be
Veil upon veil behind” ~~Edwin Arnold


Through the Veil Paranormal and Metaphysical Conference 2010

Atlanta, GA


This year's second Through the Veil Paranormal and Metaphysical Conference in Atlanta, attended by Ghost PRO team members Cat and Mariel, was as great as -- if not better than -- the first.  It presented an opportunity for us to learn from some of the most knowledgeable minds in the business on the subject of the paranormal.  Also, Mariel joined in on a ghost hunt at famed Anthony's Fine Dining Restaurant, led by John Zaffis, the "Godfather of the Paranormal", and was able to film the capture of many EVP.

2010 Through the Veil Ghost Hunt at Anthony's -- Spirit Likes Technology


  Tom Thanks Us for the Conversation

  Spirit Names His Commander

   Tom Tracks the Weather























About Anthony's
The establishment chosen for our ghost hunt led by John Zaffis was Anthony's Fine Dining, famous for its food, its 200 years of rich history, and....its ghosts.  Read about Anthony's ghost lore here.
Through the Veil 2009 Conference story and photos


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