Disembodied Hands

Is it a parallel dimension or....just a wrong camera setting?  Pal Susan was unnerved to see this shot taken with her 35mm camera, which was completely out of place against the other photos on the roll.  We were able to determine that the photo was of her own hand which appears to be pulling back her curtains, but -- how did she take this picture?  (Or, as Susan says, "Why would I take this picture?")  The photo appears to have been shot into a mirror, but it looks like a dusty glass surface, and based on the ratio of the distance camera-to-hand involved if one was taking a photo of oneself while holding the camera.  However, there is no mirror in the room, which is used as an office.  Could there have been a mirror in the room at the time this photo was taken?

Efforts to recreate the shot show the difficulty in achieving the same distance and angle while attempting to snap a photo of one's own hand.  We will continue to explore all possibilities to explain the source of the photo although the presence of a mirror in the room at the time the photo was taken is the most feasible explanation at this time.
This is not our only experience with disembodied hands, however. This scenario is strikingly similar to another shot of disembodied hands taken on the very first GhostPRO hunt at Poinsett Bridge. This, however, is surely due to camera settings.
Additionally, the Ghost PRO team would be remiss in not mentioning the most famous instance of a disembodied hand of all time, the seemingly phantom hand holding a dagger in the painting the" Last Supper" by Leonardo DaVinci.  Though decidedly not paranormal, the hand, whether it be the hand of Peter depicted at an odd angle or truly an extra hand with hidden symbolism, has been a hot debate through the centuries.

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