“Pure logic is the ruin of the spirit.”  ~~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery, (French pilot, writer and author of 'The Little Prince', 1900-1944)

Ghosts Amongst the Gravestones

Observations:   Website visitor Sherine was reading about our Springwood Cemetery hunt when an unusual shape  behind a headstone caught her eye:
"Hello, I was looking at your photos from previous investigations and looking at the Springville Cemetery hunt photo taken at 9:24pm.  There appears to be something in the far right of the photo amongst the headstones. Maybe it is a tombstone itself but it looks like a young girl with long brown hair kneeling at a grave. Is that an apparition or something else there? "
Research:  Sherine's inquiry resulted in a fierce flurry of emails flying back and forth from the Ghost PRO team, along with all of us re-examining various photos.  The consensus was that a broken headstone, and not a crouching spirit, was the cause of the image in question, but...were we sure?   Teresa remained steadfast in her conviction that a headstone was the culprit, and returned to Springwood Cemetery, camera in hand, to lay rest to the controversy.  Teresa reported, "I did go back last night and saw it immediately walking through the main entrance. It was near the fancy crypt (the Daniel mausoleum)....that we ooh'd and aah'd about how clean and pretty it was...by the Confederate rows."
Teresa's Analysis:  "The first one is almost an IDENTICAL shot from what Katie took.  The second shot should be more of the headstones, the third shot I tried to make a few adjustments in the lighting, etc., to get a better view of the headstone in question from standing at the same distance the first 2 shots were taken."



Conclusion:  Not Paranormal  

Though the possibility of an apparition of a little girl crouching behind gravestones has been debunked, it is sharp eyes like Sherine's that keep the Ghost PRO team on its toes!




























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