"Things are only impossible until they're not." ~~ Jean-Luc Picard, 'Star Trek: The Next Generation


Meet the Ghost PRO Team


Janet McDonald ~ Case Manager ~ Lead Investigator 
Mariel Barney Hunkeler ~ Webmaster ~ Reiki Master ~ Investigator ~ Videography
Catherine Vinson ~ Secretary ~ Investigator ~ Psychic Sensitive ~ Ordained Minister
Teresa Phillips ~ Assistant Case Manager ~ Investigator
Katie Brannon ~ Investigator-in-Training
Keith McDonald ~ Investigative Support ~ Resident Skeptic




























Who We Are:

Based in upstate South Carolina, Ghost PRO is a non-profit paranormal research organization whose goal is to assist those who are experiencing unexplained activities in their homes or businesses. Through careful observation, in-depth research, investigative data collection, and unbiased analysis, we attempt to provide an explanation for the events being experienced.  Our team members are dedicated individuals who all share a deep interest in the paranormal. In our everyday guises, our careers include college training coordinator, educator, customer service rep, medical office coordinator and homemaker; yet when the Ghost PRO team gathers to conduct an investigation, a pool of incredible talent is formed that utilizes the gifts of our sensitivities and our capacity for logical reasoning from within a creative perspective.

Our Mission:

Through historical research, team investigations, and scientific analysis, the Ghost PRO team wants to determine and understand the unexplained and paranormal events that are not uncommon for many people. The Ghost PRO team will approach every situation with an attitude of learning, professionalism and utmost respect for the client as well as the subject of the investigation. The Ghost PRO Team will reveal their findings in a professional and timely manner and have gained knowledge in the quest to understand the unexplained.

Our Vision:

The vision of the Ghost PRO team is to help people who are burdened, concerned, or curious about the paranormal phenomena happening in their lives.







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